Mum stunned after finding whole potato lurking in packet of cheese and onion crisps

A mum was stunned after discovering a soggy potato the size of a golf ball lurking in her packet of crisps.

Helen Reed, 33, was about to tuck into a bag of her favourite cheese and onion crisps when she realised the first piece she fished out was soggy.

Convinced that the packet had somehow opened, Helen says she peered into the bag and was stunned to spot an entire potato peeping back at her.

Tipping the contents out, Helen discovered the ‘smelly’ veg nestled alongside the crisps she was expecting in the packet of ironically named ‘REAL Crisps’.

She then wrapped up the spud stowaway in kitchen roll and took it home to show her baffled 34-year-old gas engineer husband Graham Reed and children.

Helen found her snack surprise ‘funny’, sharing it on social media in June revealing she hasn’t been put off munching on the brand in future.

The face painting business owner, from Aberford, West Yorkshire, said: “I bought the crisps to have as a snack at work.

“They’re my favourite flavour, you can’t beat a good cheese and onion crisp.

“The bag didn’t feel heavy, it felt normal. I knew that something was a bit strange because when I took a crisp out it was really soggy.

“I thought the packet must have been opened but I then looked inside and found this lovely potato sitting there.

“I tipped everything out and I thought ‘that’s strange’.

“It was quite a decent size, it was a bit bigger than a golf ball. The potato was soggy and squishy and smelled a bit funny.

“I didn’t eat any of them as they were all soggy. I put it in some kitchen roll and brought it home to show my husband.

“I said ‘look what I found in a bag of crisps’ and he said ‘eugh put it in the bin’.

“It’s quite funny the brand’s called REAL as well. You can’t get realler than a potato in a bag of crisps.”

Crisp lover Helen contacted REAL Crisps to let them know about the rogue spud and they sent over a box containing a few bags featuring different flavours.

Helen said: “I just found it quite funny, I remember thinking how on earth has that got through?

“It’s not put me off, I just found it funny – things happen. It could have been a lot worse, at least it was a potato.

“I’ve not seen anything like this before or since. I’ve had the REAL Crisps since and there’s been no problems.

“I sent them an email, they replied and sent a box of a few bags of different flavours.

“There was cheese and onion in there too – I was pleased with their reply.”